What is the CBC Cannabinoid?

Although cannabidiol (CBD) has taken center stage in the cast of non-psychotropic cannabis phytochemicals, it is by no means a cast of one. Cannabichromene, or CBC, is another remarkable cannabinoid found in relative abundance in the hemp plant. Depending on the strain of industrial hemp, CBC ranks as one of the top four most studied, non-psychoactive cannabinoids alongside CBD, CBG and CBDV. So, let’s explore some of the well-known research on CBC in preclinical animal studies.

Consider These Six Best Practices When Designing Your CBD Packaging

As you develop a new product line for wholesale or retail, at some point you’ll be considering the best CBD packaging for your merchandise. Some options are better than others. In this article, we’ll discuss six best practices to keep in mind for different types of products plus CBD packaging requirements.

What Science Tells Us About the Potential of Hemp Terpenes

While cannabidiol scores most of the glory for hemp products, its superhero effect grows with a team of humble assistants. Much has been said about the synergistic “entourage effect” that minor cannabinoids and hemp flavonoids offer, but what about those delicate hemp terpenes? Do they really make a difference? We think so. Ongoing research suggests CBD products may reap additional benefits from hemp terpenes.

Taylor Mammon Acquired by American CBD Pioneer GenCanna

LONDON, U.K. — March 22, 2021 — Turnkey CBD formulator, private label accelerator, and product distributor Taylor Mammon announced today that the company, established in 2018, was acquired by US-based GenCanna, a leading producer of hemp-derived, THC-free, premium CBD and other cannabinoids. The move culminates the evolution of a successful three-year relationship, in which GenCanna served, and will continue to serve, as Taylor Mammon’s primary source of CBD and other cannabinoids for infusion into brand products.

Ferreting Out the Runner’s High With Some Help From the Ferret (And Humans and Dogs, of Course)

Have you ever experienced a sense of delight during prolonged exercise? This feeling is described as the runner’s high. Scientists have long sought to understand the reasons behind this phenomenon and what utility it may have played throughout our evolutionary history. Previously, the runner’s high was attributed to the production of endorphins, our natural pain killers, during exercise.

Water-Soluble or Oil-Based?  That Is The Question.

Let’s explore why infusing your ingestibles with water-soluble CBD will be the more satisfying choice. Higher bioavailability than oil-based CBD — the difference Is dramatic! Next-generation ingredients like water-soluble CBD “hack” the body’s system, producing a more pronounced effect in a shorter time. Your customer will notice and appreciate the effects of the higher bioavailability that water-soluble cannabinoids produce. This difference is due to the combination of smaller particle size and the changes in chemistry imparted during the emulsification process.

Thinking About Selling Your Own Brand of CBD Gummies?

We can customize products for you based on variables like cannabinoid profile, strength, custom shape and active ingredients. Your gummies can be unlike others on the market — delicious, all-natural, and stable over time! If you have a favorite flavor or know what your customer base needs, we can work with that too.

NOVEL FOODS: A Pivotal Milestone for the UK’s ACI

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) is the UK’s membership organization for businesses committed to nurturing a safe, legal and flourishing commercial cannabis extract market. “Novel foods” are defined as foods that have limited consumption history in the UK prior to May 1997. These foods do not have an established safety profile and therefore must be evaluated on toxicological, chemical, microbiological and stability parameters, prior to market approval and sale to the general public.

<p>The ABC of CBD:</p>Bringing a Compliant CBD Extract to the UK

What does it take to successfully cultivate and extract high-quality, regulatory-compliant, hemp-derived CBD? How do you innovate the processes of CBD infusion to create more marketable, desirable and profitable CBD-infused products and CBD brands? Tune into this highly informative, yet also highly entertaining episode of “The ABC of CBD” podcast with host Russ Kane, who directs a fun, lively and insightful conversation between two master craftsmen of the CBD industry.