Not all CBD manufacturers are alike. Leverage the power of our GenCanna Production Platform™ to create cannabinoid-infused products that perform.

Your Differentiation is Our CBD Formulation.

Start right to end right. GenCanna begins by extracting premium hemp-derived CBD and other exceptional cannabinoids in the purest concentrations and most stable compositions. Right there you’re ahead of the game! Integrate finer ingredients: more effective carrier oils, natural flavors, ideally matched terpenes. Use innovative formulation techniques perfected over endless hours in the lab, state-of-the-science processes developed by a genuine CBD pioneer. Then package it all with true branding brilliance. Nothing but excellence, end-to-end. That’s the GenCanna difference.

Not All Formulators Are Alike.

So, if you’re going to invest in a private label brand — and you should! — start with the smartest ingredient. GenCanna.

Reliable. Innovative. GenCanna.

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