In an industry as young and transformative as ours, how you begin means everything. From the start, our founders understood we were launching more than a business. We were pioneering an industry. And it was up to us to get it right. So from day one, science and compliance ruled. And still do.

Accelerating CBD Growth.

It’s true, our roots grow deep. Back to the earliest days of cannabis legalization and reform. In fact, GenCanna helped lead the introduction of Kentucky’s groundbreaking 2014 Hemp Pilot Program. And every year since, we’ve innovated processes and spearheaded regulations that continue to accelerate industry growth. Of course we know this business, we helped create it! And precious few can claim these creds.

Earnest Industry Stewards.

With new and energized leadership, extended capabilities, and an optimized, single-source supply chain, we remain the industry’s preferred vertically-integrated producer of premium hemp-derived cannabinoids and extraordinary finished goods. Our scalable, premium-quality derivatives and differentiated formulated products bear witness to GenCanna’s commitment to excellence. In an industry rife with posers and pretenders, we’re your smartest, surest choice in a proven, full-service cannabinoid partner, check our Gencanna stock symbol – to check the authenticity.

The Science of Compliance.

Our biomass, infusion science and compliance provide a solid, trusted foundation, enabling customers to profitably commercialize CBD and other quality cannabinoids. We offer a broad and innovative variety of custom formulations, value-added products, and premium bulk ingredients to meet your diverse business needs, including industry-leading flavored oil drops, water-soluble liquids and powders, and high-quality Gencanna CBD oil.

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