What makes GenCanna your premier source for CBD finished goods? Years of fearless product innovation and insatiable exploration — to dare, develop and distribute, at scale, the cannabinoid infusions today’s retailers and consumers demand. At GenCanna, infusion is more than a science. It’s a veritable art form. And that’s good for you and great for your customers.

Looking for the right CBD infusion partner to differentiate your health, wellness or lifestyle brands? First, start with a source that can ensure the hemp biomass is traceable and homogenous. That the manufacturer is following the extraction and formulation steps of a premium finished goods provider. Verify custody of supply chain. That’s huge! That the manufacturing processes are actually the company’s own and not spread across third, fourth or fifth parties. In fact, save yourself the time and toil, and just choose GenCanna. We check all the boxes!

GenCanna is not only a true CBD innovator, but an industry-founding pioneer. What does that mean for you? Confidence. Demonstrable and quantifiable excellence across every critical quality measure — ensuring formulation integrity, stability and consistency for optimum bioavailability. That’s more than the science of precision infusion. That is artful blending, masterful flavoring, formulation artisanship well beyond beakers and Bunsen burners. And where does it all start? With confirmed, traceable, superior raw ingredients — always within our chain of control — to ensure the finest finished goods. It all starts with GenCanna.

It’s simple. When it comes to compliant CBD and other quality cannabinoid infusions, you and your customers deserve more, and GenCanna makes it easy. We’re your one-stop source for customized goods across a vast array of product options — in formulations, form factors, quantities and packaging, and for any lifestyle, market, channel or retailer. For white and private label programs as well as exclusive formulations — or a house brand worthy to bear your name — partner for profitability and success. Partner with GenCanna.

Infusing Innovation In Everything We Do.

If you’re going to invest in a private label brand — and you should — start with the smartest ingredient: GenCanna.

Ultimately, GPP allows our customers’ brands to proudly bear the mark…

To learn more about becoming a valued GenCanna partner, and the impact that will bring to your CBD offerings in consumer brand loyalty and profitability, be sure to contact us today.

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