GenCanna Formulator’s Choice Reserve Oil is a hemp-derived CBD extract that has been refined to remove excess lipids and waxes, blended with customizable carrier oils and standardized to a concentration of 25% CBD (~236 mg/1 mL). Concentration can be fully custom up to 75%.

What is Formulator’s Choice Reserve Oil Used For?

GenCanna Formulator’s Choice Reserve Oil is an excellent stock formulation that is well-characterized and ready for the next step in formulation. A great base for the formulation of a wide variety of topical products, and an excellent starting place for MCT-based vape formulations. Just add flavor and dilute to desired potency in an MCT or other vape carrier!

Formulator’s Choice Reserve Oil is also an exceptional ingredient for edible, confectionary, and pet treat manufacturing. Just substitute or modify the bill of materials to include this in place of commonly used vegetable oils.

Customize It!

Certain applications may require a different concentration of CBD or a different carrier oil. Call us! Let’s find your solution together!

Cannabinoid Formulations Can Be Customized Based On:

  • Cannabinoid profile (isolate-based, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum).
  • Cannabinoid concentration.
  • Carrier oil.

GenCanna Standard Reserve Oils:

  • Profile – isolate, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.
  • Concentration – 25% CBD.
  • Carrier oils – MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Others available upon request; for example, grape seed oil or olive oil.

Shelf Stability:

  • 24 months in original packaging protected from heat and light.



From self-affirmation of GRAS to meeting novel foods requirements in the UK and EU, this high-quality ingredient’s incorporation into your product lineup lends consistency and long-term sustainability to your brand’s success time after time, region by region.

Not all products were included in the GRAS or novel foods scope. Inquire for more information.

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