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GenCanna is a vertically-integrated producer of hemp, hemp-derived cannabinoids, and an array of finished goods that incorporate best-in-class CBD and other cannabinoid ingredients. Our focus is on delivering health and wellbeing to consumers and financial returns to our customers — through seed-to-sale chain of custody and quality-driven production.

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Biomass. Science. Compliance.

GenCanna is committed to producing the highest quality hemp-derived CBD in the world. Period. Our biomass, science and compliance provide a trusted foundation that enables customers to profitably commercialize the infusion of CBD and other cannabinoids to enhance their brands. We offer a variety of products and custom formulations to meet your diverse business needs. These include value-added products, such as our industry-leading flavored oil drops, water-soluble liquids and powders, and high-quality distillates. And for those who prefer to buy bulk isolate and distillate to further process on their own, GenCanna produces leading-edge, quality-assured product. We also offer full turnkey Private Label and Quick Start programs for brands that can benefit from more collaborative product development.

Quality. Purity. Consistency.

We built GenCanna to provide a scalable and sustainable supply of premium hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids. Quality, purity and consistency remain the bedrock of our company. We designed and developed the GenCanna Production Platform (GPP) as a result of our unrelenting focus on producing the highest quality, most rigorously vetted and stringently accredited cannabis products. We have the expertise and infrastructure to meet your specifications and to deliver on your distribution needs at any scale.
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Sourcing. Scalability. Sustainability.

Our GPP program is driven by an exacting set of quality assurance specifications, standard operating procedures and industry best-practices. The result: the reliable, efficient and consistent production of premium hemp-derived cannabinoids, soluble ingredients and CBD-enhanced finished goods at whatever volume our customers and partners demand. Strict oversight through our exacting GPP program ensures compliance, sustainability and chain of custody — from farm to finished product — a reassuring level of quality, applicability and unparalleled purity.