How many mid-steps are there between you and your CBD? How many suppliers? How many brokers? How many risky unknowns? In an industry as highly regulated as ours, that’s a whole heap of trust to go around.

Partner with a Pioneer.

Since helping to literally create this industry in 2014, GenCanna remains your single-source, full-service provider for pure, premium hemp-derived CBD and other best-in-class cannabinoids — ensuring a sole, seamless and transparent chain of custody over your critical supply chain.

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Channel Brilliance.

Whatever your cannabinoid opportunity, GenCanna has your solution. Whether for brand infusion for health and beauty. Wellness. Food and beverage. Pets, sports recovery and more. Sold instore or fulfilled online. Maybe an exclusive house brand? The opportunities are great. But so are the challenges. Be sure to know your source.

Not All CBD Is Created Equal.

And neither are CBD providers. In a field of questionable players, you have to know who you’re working with and who you’re relying on. Because your bottom line depends on it. Rest assured, at GenCanna, we are the real deal. No one has jumped on any bandwagons here. Vetted and fully validated, our people, products and innovative processes continue to earn the highest compliance accreditations. From farm to formulation to finished goods, there’s no one to muck up the middle.

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Source your CBD from the source.


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