Looking to enhance and advance your pet brand with the health and wellness properties associated with CBD, CBG and other quality cannabinoids? The pet market for CBD supplements is booming. Extend your pet merchandize offering to include more health and wellness into every supplement by infusing it with GenCanna’s premium hemp-derived CBD. Your customers and their pets will thank you for doing so.

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As with people, adding premium CBD-infused GenCanna products to a pet’s daily routine provides it with a more balanced, healthier life for heart, muscle and joint, and skin and coat needs. And since quality is as important to our furry friends as it is to us, our ingredients are manufactured and formulated in compliant, accredited facilities to guarantee safety and reliability.

Confidence comes with sourcing your ingredients from a genuine industry-founding pioneer. GenCanna. A proud member of the NASC Preferred Supplier Program, we have the proven tools, trusted team, and innovative formulations to set your pet supplements ahead and apart.

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For our canine, feline and equine friends, GenCanna offers exceptional oils, distillates and water-soluble powders that make excellent choices for supplement infusion. They’re available in full spectrum and broad-spectrum options as well as irresistible flavors — to drive brand loyalty and long-term profitability.  

Ask us about the following products and how GenCanna can customize an exclusive pet supplement formulation just for you and your customers.

Oil Drops

Oil drops empower the pet owner to control the  amount of CBD given each day. Drops can be administered directly into the pet’s mouth, or added to their food. Oil drops are available in natural, salmon, chicken, beef, bacon, and even peanut butter flavors! Additional custom options are possible, as well.



Peanut Butter
Custom options also available

Orders are subject to MOQs.

Joint and Muscle Dog Treats

So many dogs suffer from joint issues late in life, and pet owners are dedicated to making these extended family members feel loved and comfortable. Our bone-shaped treats are a stress free way to provide CBD and other soothing ingredients.

Heart Health Dog Treats

These tiny treats are heart-shaped to distinguish them from other treats, and their small size makes  it easy to vary the portion to suit each dog’s individual needs.

Skin and Coat Dog Treats

Skin and coat issues can be difficult for pet owners to resolve. These gum-drop shaped treats provide dietary supplements that enhance the health of a dog’s coat from the inside out.

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