Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate bases are converted into water-soluble emulsions. A variety of CBD concentrations can be formulated for a wide range of innovative applications.

What is Water Soluble Powder Used For?

Water-soluble powder is ideal for ready-to-drink mixes, stick packs, bulk powder tubs, shots, foods, beverages and supplements. Each application is very different: The stability and performance of the cannabinoid ingredients are highly dependent on the other ingredients in the product. Factors like pH, sugar content, manufacturing conditions and container type and size can all play a major role in flavor and stability. Collaborate with GenCanna to discuss your ideas and develop products that generate impressive gross margin dollars for your business.



Water-soluble cannabinoids demonstrate much higher bioavailability than their oil-based counterparts due to smaller particle size and the change in chemistry imparted during the emulsification process. These next-generation ingredients enter our bodily system more quickly, resulting in higher concentration at lower volume.


From self-affirmation of GRAS to meeting novel foods requirements in the UK and EU, this high-quality ingredient’s incorporation into your product lineup lends consistency and long-term sustainability to your brand’s success time after time, region by region.

Not all products were included in the GRAS or novel foods scope. Inquire for more information.

CBD Bioavailability Study

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