Buying CBD products should be as easy and safe as buying any other ingredient. This means meeting or exceeding the international food safety standards to which modern food and nutraceutical companies adhere. As such, you can rest assured that all GenCanna hemp-derived products are subject to stringent internal and independent third-party quality and regulatory compliance testing measures, check our Gencanna stock symbol on every product.

cGMP Certified

cGMP Accreditation for Food and Supplement Production

GenCanna is audited and accredited against Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for food and supplement production. These standards are required to meet the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food (21 CFR 110) and supplements (21 CFR 111). These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that its products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch, for their intended use.

Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)

Generally Regarded As Safe

We are deeply invested in understanding the safety of our ingredient products and have completed rigorous toxicology studies that keep us more than prepared for potential upcoming regulatory pressures, both domestically and internationally. Please inquire to learn more about our self-affirmation of GRAS status for both CBD isolate and full spectrum ingredient types.

NASC Preferred Supplier

NASC Preferred Supplier

NASC Preferred Suppliers are pre-qualified companies that supply products and services to the pet supplement industry. The program helps ensure total quality confidence throughout the entire supply chain.

Ultimately, GPP allows our customers’ brands to proudly bear the mark…

To learn more about becoming a valued GenCanna partner, and the impact that will bring to your CBD offerings in consumer brand loyalty and profitability, be sure to contact us today.

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