Let’s explore why infusing your ingestibles with water-soluble CBD will be the more satisfying choice.

Higher bioavailability than oil-based CBD — the difference Is dramatic!

Next-generation ingredients like water-soluble CBD “hack” the body’s system, producing a more pronounced effect in a shorter time. Your customer will notice and appreciate the effects of the higher bioavailability that water-soluble cannabinoids produce. This difference is due to the combination of smaller particle size and the changes in chemistry imparted during the emulsification process.

Water-soluble cannabinoids can taste delicious!

If you use a highly structured, scalable, quality-centric approach to delivering great tasting CBD-infused product, your selection will appeal to the most discerning taste buds. The entirety of your merchandise offering should have the same shelf-life stability and consistently deliver the amount of CBD claimed on the product label – you should expect nothing less.
The CBD industry has historically failed to invest in the science and processing technology to assure its customers they get what they pay for, resulting in consumer dissatisfaction and lost opportunity. With water soluble chemistry and production, care must be applied throughout the development process to avoid product claim failures that include off-putting, bitter flavors and very short shelf lives.

Expand your cannabinoid product offerings to your customers.

Leading-edge water soluble ingredients and products extend your brand offerings and provide your customers with greater choice and satisfaction. You’ll see increased SKU turn and profitability.

How can water-soluble cannabinoids enhance your products’ appeal to consumers?

Look for a provider that produces a standard concentration of cannabinoids, so the water soluble powder can be utilized in various applications. Think ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs), shots, blended powders for encapsulation, stick packs, and more!

GenCanna water soluble powders are offered in CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum formats at a standardized and versatile 20% CBD load (200mg/gram). This variety provides for broad use in liquid and powder formulations.

Water-soluble powders make an excellent addition to almost any CBD product type. Our formulations group welcomes the opportunity to develop unique liquid and powder blends that meet your requirements.


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