Appeal to consumers who place a premium on natural ingredients and environmental sustainability.

Your customers will want to know that your merchandise selection includes only natural, responsibly-sourced carrier oils, cannabinoids, natural flavors, natural sweeteners, terpenes and botanical enhancements.

Choose from CBD isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum formulations.

Oil drops can be spiked with cannabinoid isolates for unique spectra and have added natural terpenes or substantiated ingredients.

Formulate with flavor.

Look for oil drops that contain only the finest all-natural, non-synthetic flavor profiles based on well-vetted and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Couple this with a structured, scalable and quality-centric manufacturing process and you’ll find a partner that delivers exactly what you ordered, every time, all the time. Then you’ll be set to offer the best tasting and most profitable oil drops available…anywhere.

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