The next generation of vapes has arrived.

If you’re looking for top-notch Delta-8, HHC, and CBD vape cartridges, rechargeable, disposables, or bulk oil for your product assembly, look no further, you found us.

Our formulations sorcerers took a year to develop several extraordinary recipes your customers have never experienced:
Relax? Check. Mellow? Check. Space Out? We’ve got that covered, too.

For years, GenCanna’s infused Delta-8 and CBD formulated gummies, tinctures, and softgels have been sold worldwide. Why? Because our formulations are designed for one purpose – to enhance the consumer’s experience. Our initial vape formulations selection offers six targeted needs delivered with a smoothness not currently available in the market.

How do we know?

We spent over a year in the market speaking with vapers to find out what they thought was good, what was bad, and what they wanted from vaping – and we just happened to test nearly every product out there.

The result is the next-generation of vape formulations consumers have asked for: formulations that meet their needs. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail we built into our offerings – products that work the first time and every time. Our vapes are so good that your customers will return to buy them again and again throughout the year.

And that’s known as maximizing your profit and return on investment.

One more thing.

Speed to market is vital for success. You can expect the product on your shelf within 10 days of order placement. With more complex, unique blends formulated just for you, product development needs will extend the delivery timeline.


Our Delta-8 vape offering includes white label, custom formulations, and bulk liquid.

At GenCanna, we understand that the success of your Delta-8 vape offering depends on having a variety that appeals to your customers’ different needs. Our initial selection of six formulations was designed with this purpose in mind. They reflect consumer requests for vapes that are targeted for particular experiences, from relaxation to concentration, from refreshing to soothing, from jazzed to spaced out. No other vape offering provides this selection of products for a simple reason – it never existed before.

White Label Vapes

Our proprietary formulations are ready to ship with your store or brand name on the package.

We sell the finished product with your packaging or ours, or you can purchase our formulation in bulk and finish it yourself. Either way, you can be generating gross margin dollars within weeks of placing your order.

It’s an ideal option if you want to hit the ground running ASAP.

Custom Vape Liquid Formulations

Several of our customers want specialized blends unique to their offerings. Our formulations sorcerers are ready to work with you to understand your brand vision and needs, and will develop a product with qualities that exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re looking to create a signature flavor or a unique potency profile, our experts will collaborate with you to turn your vision into reality. Custom formulations let you craft Delta-8, CBD, and HHC vape products that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Bulk Supply of
Vape Liquid

In addition to supplying finished goods and custom formulations, GenCanna provides CBD-derived bulk formulations ready for you to fill your cartridges or devices.

We offer competitive pricing and a seamless ordering process for bulk quantities of vape liquid. Our consistent quality and dependable delivery schedules mean you can scale your business confidently without worrying about vape
liquid shortages.

GenCanna is your supplier of high-quality
wholesale vape oils and disposables.

For retailers, brands, and distributors, we specialize in providing market-tested and consumer requested Delta-8 vape products that exceed expectations.

Vaping has become a favored method for enjoying the benefits of Delta-8, and you can effortlessly tap into this booming market. Delta-8 offers a mellower yet euphoric experience often described as the perfect balance between CBD and Delta-9 THC.

With our select offering of Delta-8 vape oils and disposable devices, we are your trusted contract manufacturing partner for this very profitable and fast moving merchandise offering.

More than Delta 8, CBD and HHC

At GenCanna, we understand that delivering a truly exceptional vaping experience goes beyond the quality of the cannabinoids themselves. GenCanna’s product development team selected premium hardware from the market’s best suppliers, ensuring a top shelf Delta-8 and HHC vaping experience. Matched with extraordinary formulations, our vape offering provides you with competitively priced products your customers will buy throughout the year.

When you choose GenCanna, you have the option to go with our recommended devices, which have been meticulously tested and proven to complement the unique properties of Delta 8, HHC, and CBD. Our selected hardware provides a smooth and consistent draw and ensures efficient vaporization of the cannabinoids, maximizing the experience and benefits your customers want.

Whether you’re looking to offer disposable vape pens, rechargeable devices, or a combination of both, GenCanna is your trusted contract manufacturing partner for delivering a vaping experience that truly stands out.


vape and disposables

We invite you to explore our hardware options and experience the GenCanna difference for yourself.