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For nearly a decade, GenCanna remains a trusted producer and pioneering provider of premium hemp-derived cannabinoids for bulk wholesale CBD, CBD white label and CBD private label products, as well as innovative CBD custom formulations. Our in-house, state-of-the- science extraction and infusion technologies deliver top-grade CBD in bulk as well as brand-ready finished goods for enhancing health and beauty, wellness, food and beverage, sports recovery, pet treats, and more. Continuously vetted and consistently validated against the highest industry standards for quality, our people, products, and proprietary processes continue to earn the highest compliance accreditation.

cGMP Certified
OU Kosher Pareve
Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)
NASC Preferred Supplier



How many mid-steps are there between you and your hemp wholesaler? How many ingredient suppliers and manufacturing processors comprise your CBD supply chain? How many brokers lay in between — adding cost, lead time and uncertainty in quality? Bottom line: How many unknown variables are adding potential risk along your seed-to-shelf product journey? In an industry as highly watched and regulated as ours, that’s a whole lot of trust to go around. But as one of the largest and industry-pioneering wholesalers of hemp-derived CBD, GenCanna proposes a more direct route between you and your CBD.

One step. One source. One proven partner. GenCanna.


We are the largest CBD wholesale supplier and CBD finsihed goods provider in the US. We were there from the start, we know this industry as few today can, and we
continue to advance the CBD industry forward — with excellence, care and inspired

Whether serving as your CBD wholesale distributor, for the U.S and abroad, or a trusted partner for market-driven CBD private labeling solutions, every cannabinoid ingredient
and CBD finished product we manufacture is GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is also third-party laboratory tested, with full transparency and traceability. This is how we quantify safety along the CBD extraction, infusion and product development journey — from the wholesale buyer to the channel retailer to the trusting consumer. Product excellence and customer satisfaction drive everything we do.

You start with the finest hemp and build a world-class, all-in-one, CBD manufacturer, CBD formulator and CBD distributor from there. 

As one of the largest CBD companies in the world, and one of the best-known, our products are all made from organically sourced USA-grown hemp, free of harmful fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fats, waxes as well as unwanted plant byproducts. Count on superior sourcing, extraction and manufacturing — from our best-selling wholesale CBD oil to our popular lines of CBD white label formulations, including CBD gummies and other CBD edibles and CBD ingestibles, CBD creams and other CBD topical solutions, and CBD health and beauty aids. With sales offices, manufacturing facilities and CBD distribution centers in Kentucky, London and Rotterdam, we offer a broad variety of hemp-derived CBD products to serve our U.S. CBD markets, as well as those abroad. And all of our products are confidently sold with a money-back guarantee.

As CBD wholesalers and CBD private label developers, our goal is to help our B2B partners — both dependably and profitably — bring the fast-acting, beneficial
properties of CBD and other premium cannabinoids to people all over the world. No matter one’s walk of life, we all seek the wellness, balance, stress management, and
physical relaxation and restoration that CBD has been shown to help produce. And let’s be clear: No CBD product is ever intended to diagnose, treat or cure any type of medical
condition. But persuasive research, case studies, first-hand accounts, and even clinical trials continue to reveal every day the holistic connection CBD has been seen to have
with helping the body regain and maintain a state of homeostasis, or balance. And who
doesn’t want balance?

No matter the B2B cannabinoid opportunity before you — as a leading wholesale CBD supplier in the U.S. and global markets, consider GenCanna your CBD bulk ingredient source and CBD wholesale private label provider. Your need is our solution. GenCanna is your one-stop-source for high-quality, brand-ready, market-driven retail products, priced to promote your profitability. Looking for creativity, ingenuity and uncompromising reliability in brand infusion for health and beauty? Check. Seeking innovative, market-driven form factors to enhance your wellness lines? Check. Food and beverage products, too? Check. Pets, sports recovery and more? Yes, GenCanna checks all the boxes.

Since helping to literally create this industry in 2014, GenCanna remains your single-source, full-service provider of pure, premium hemp-derived CBD and other best-in-class cannabinoids — ensuring a sole, seamless and transparent chain of custody over your critical supply chain. Because that’s what it takes to expand market share, increase gross revenue, and widen your profit margins. That’s what it takes to protect your brand’s reputation for quality, purity, consistency and safety. In short: proven performance. The kind GenCanna delivers.

As CBD becomes increasingly mainstream, and more consumers enter the market each year, shopper demographics continue to evolve. Convenient, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches to product no longer do. You need a U.S. hemp wholesale producer and CBD custom formulator with the manufacturing depth and infusion breadth to cover your complete market needs — whether you’re buying your bulk CBD oil wholesale or partnering with a capable and highly diversified white or private label provider to bring branded CBD finished goods to market. GenCanna is both that bulk source and a data driven product development partner.