Discover a Tailored Approach to Feline Wellbeing
with our Premium Cat CBD Products

Embrace the opportunity to enhance feline wellbeing with our comprehensive range of cat supplements. Designed specifically for our beloved feline friends, our cat joint supplements, nutritional supplements, and CBD-infused products offer a holistic approach to address various health concerns. From cat arthritis to cat digestive supplements, we provide a wide selection to support your cat’s specific needs.

Nurture their overall health with cat food supplements enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, promoting healthy skin, coat, and joints.

With natural ingredients and a focus on quality, our cat supplements are ideal for older cats and those experiencing anxiety or hair loss.

Discover the transformative effects of CBD for cats, as our CBD oil and other CBD products cater to their unique requirements. Elevate your cat’s wellness journey with our premium cat supplements, nurturing their vitality and ensuring their utmost comfort and happiness.

Supplements for Cats’ Joint and Hip Health

Our exclusive line of Hip and Health products is meticulously crafted to provide targeted support for joint and hip health in cats. With a variety of premium CBD-infused solutions, we’ve developed a comprehensive range to enhance mobility and overall wellbeing in your feline friend. Each product within our Hip and Health line combines the power of CBD with carefully selected ingredients, synergistically working to promote joint function, reduce discomfort, and support optimal hip health. Experience the transformative effects of our Hip and Health products for cats and ensure a purr-fectly active and agile companion.

Supplements for Feline Skin and Coat

Introducing GenCanna’s Skin and Coat Collection, a thoughtfully curated range of CBD-infused products tailored to nourish and enhance the skin and coat of your cherished feline companion. Emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness, each product in this collection harnesses the power of CBD in combination with meticulously selected ingredients to support optimal skin health, promote a glossy coat, and preserve the overall vitality of your cat’s skin. Discover the potential benefits of CBD, harmonized with natural botanicals and vital nutrients, as you indulge your four-legged friend with our invigorating solutions for Healthy Skin and Coat. Elevate your cat’s grooming experience and unlock the secrets to a vibrant, luminous coat and healthy skin, revealing their true radiance from within.

Healthy Cat Treats and Chews

Introducing our Functional Soft Chews and Treats collection, a delectable and nourishing range of cat treats specifically formulated to support various aspects of your feline friend’s health. Each soft chew and treat in this thoughtfully crafted collection is infused with functional ingredients, including probiotics for digestive health, nutrients for vibrant eyes, essential vitamins for overall wellbeing, pain management support, and nutrients for a healthy heart. Spoil your cat with these irresistible and functional treats, providing them with the targeted support they need for a joyful, thriving, and vibrant life. Elevate their snacking experience with our Functional Soft Chews and Treats, and unlock the potential of tailored health support in every delightful nibble.

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GenCanna prides itself on meeting consumers’ well-deserved, need-to-know skepticism regarding ingredient quality and origin. We use fully accredited independent labs to test all our ingredients and do so on a regular basis. Our USA state-of-the-art facility is cGMP certified and FDA registered, which guarantees that our products are made to the highest USA and international supplement production standards of quality and safety.

GenCanna CBN is available in bulk, custom-blended formulations and formulated finished goods. In whatever form suits best your customers’ needs, GenCanna CBN is priced for profit.

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