26 02, 2021

NOVEL FOODS: A Pivotal Milestone for the UK’s ACI

2021-09-11T15:27:16-04:00February 26, 2021|

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) is the UK’s membership organization for businesses committed to nurturing a safe, legal and flourishing commercial cannabis extract market. “Novel foods” are defined as foods that have limited consumption history in the UK prior to May 1997. These foods do not have an established safety profile and therefore must be evaluated on toxicological, chemical, microbiological and stability parameters, prior to market approval and sale to the general public.

20 02, 2021

The ABC of CBD:

Bringing a Compliant CBD Extract to the UK

2021-09-11T15:28:28-04:00February 20, 2021|

What does it take to successfully cultivate and extract high-quality, regulatory-compliant, hemp-derived CBD? How do you innovate the processes of CBD infusion to create more marketable, desirable and profitable CBD-infused products and CBD brands? Tune into this highly informative, yet also highly entertaining episode of “The ABC of CBD” podcast with host Russ Kane, who directs a fun, lively and insightful conversation between two master craftsmen of the CBD industry.

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