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GenCanna is a vertically-integrated producer of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products, and other cannabinoids, with a focus on delivering social, economic and environmental impact through seed-to-scale chain of custody and production.
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Genetics. Science. Compliance.

GenCanna produces the safest, highest quality hemp-derived CBD in the world. Period. Full Stop. Our genetics, science and compliance provide a trusted foundation for building your profitable CBD-enhanced brands. We offer a variety of products and custom formulations to meet your diverse business needs, including bulk isolate and oils, as well as turnkey Private Label and Quick Start programs.

Safety. Quality. Consistency.

We built GenCanna to provide a safe, scalable, sustainable supply of premium hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids. Safety, quality, consistency and purity remain the bedrock of our company. We designed and developed the GenCanna Production Platform™ (GPP) as a result of our unrelenting focus on producing high-quality cannabis at true global scale.

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Sourcing. Scalability. Sustainability.

The GenCanna Production Platform is driven by a stringent set of quality assurance standards, processes and best practices for producing premium hemp-derived CBD products, and other cannabinoids, at whatever scale our partners and customers demand. Our GPP trademark ensures compliance, sustainability and chain of custody — from farm to finished product — a reassuring mark of safety, quality and unparalleled purity.

Recent News

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Hemp Farmer Sticking with GenCanna

With John Wiggins’ two sons interested in farming and seeing an opportunity to diversify from his tobacco and row crops, hemp looked like a sure bet to add onto their south Graves County operation. “It fit our niche,” Wiggins said. So last season they decided to grow 128 acres of hemp and joined up with processor GenCanna as a contract farmer.

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FDA Chief calls CBD “Life Saving”; GenCanna Agrees!

Today, we are very pleased that the FDA listened — and are grateful that Commissioner Hahn and the FDA continue to share our industry’s commitment to help farmers farm this versatile crop and provide global access to reliable and compliant food grade hemp-derived products.

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