February 27, 2020 (Winchester, KY)
Two weeks ago, GenCanna execs chided the FDA for damaging the economic value chain of hemp-derived CBD products because of FDA’s lack of action.

“FDA does not have a pathway for accepting something that was an illegal substance,” said GenCanna President Steve Bevan. “I am getting a little more frustrated as we move through time,” Bevan said. “It is apparent FDA has been investigating products for five years” [by issuing warning letters and not removing products from the shelves].

Today, we are very pleased that the FDA listened — and are grateful that Commissioner Hahn and the FDA continue to share our industry’s commitment to help farmers farm this versatile crop and provide global access to reliable and compliant food grade hemp-derived products.

Yesterday (2/26), Commissioner Hahn gave his first public speech at the NASDA Winter Policy Conference where he pointedly addressed the topic of hemp-derived CBD products and acknowledged their real value, market demand, and the need for swift regulatory clarity and standards.

Commissioner Hahn was very specific in his comments, saying, “…People are using these products. We’re not going to be able to say you can’t use these products. Even if we did, it’s a fool’s game to even try to approach that.” Citing current hemp-derived products currently approved by FDA and in market, Hahn noted, “…CBD is the active ingredient in that. And that is really, I think, life saving for these kids with these awful seizure disorders.”

This messaging from FDA leadership signifies a recognition of the value of hemp and its derivative products by federal legislators, an advancement from FDA’s previous position. The statement further reinforces the importance for enforceable consumer protection standards — like the international food-grade compliance standards, farming accreditations, and manufacturing best practices that GenCanna was founded on.

“Hemp is food,” said GenCanna CEO Matty Mangone-Miranda, “Legalization is not a smooth path, but we (GenCanna) have been here since before Day 1, and will continue to find legal ways to provide the public with access to high quality cannabinoid products from our farming partners.”

Fortune favors the bold, and we at GenCanna remain dedicated to forwarding this mission and advancing its progress every day.


GenCanna is a vertically integrated agriculture-technology company specializing in the production of hemp rich in CBD. Founded in 2014, as an inaugural member of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, the company is a longstanding industry pioneer. GenCanna works closely with state universities, consumer protection agencies and other regulatory bodies driving key industry language and legislation. Consistent extraction methods and innovative processing technologies ensure GenCanna production processes exceed all regulatory standards for FDA registered and inspected food production facilities (learn more at The GenCanna Production Platform assures standardized, repeatable quality from farm to finished product.
GenCanna is a founding board member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. Launched in early 2017, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable is a coalition of over 70 hemp companies – representing every link of the product chain, from seed to sale – and all of the industry’s major national grassroots organizations. The US Hemp Roundtable has secured the passage of bi-partisan legislation in the U.S. Congress that established hemp federally as an agricultural commodity, permanently removing it from regulation as a controlled substance.