Wholesale Hemp-Derived CBD OILS & POWDERS

GenCanna™ produces premium, hemp-derived, U.S.-grown cannabidiol (CBD) of the highest quality to power brands and businesses which are producing their own CBD products at scale. Purity, quality, and compliance are the key benefits that GenCanna™ provides product suppliers who want to ensure that the highest quality, legal, hemp-derived CBD is included in their proprietary formulations.


  • 99% pure Crystalline Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate


  • Full Spectrum: Hemp extract of all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes + Carrier Oil + 99% Pure Crystalline Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate to yield desired CBD concentration level

  • Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate: 99% Pure Crystalline Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate + Carrier Oil to desired CBD concentration level

  • 25% is standard concentration level with custom solutions available

  • Standard carrier oils: MCT, Grape Seed, Hemp Seed (custom solutions available)


  • Also available in water soluble form


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