Kentucky farmers have been pioneers in hemp agriculture, farming practices, agrotech and hemp production for generations. GenCanna operates under the partnership of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in concord with section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill and the laws of the State of Kentucky..

GenCanna’s farming focus aims to attract, teach, and train farmers to grow hemp using modern agricultural science and equipment. Our focus is on US family farmers who are farming the rich, fertile soils of Kentucky where hemp has been grown successfully since the 1700’s. In addition to training and education, we enable family farmers with access to the GenCanna Production Platform (GPP) to turn their harvested crops into valuable hemp-derived CBD products.


The GenCanna Production Platform

The anchor of the GPP are Kentucky’s family farmers, who are agricultural pioneers and have been historic leaders in growing agricultural hemp for generations. GenCanna’s farming focus aims to attract, teach, train and reward farmers to grow our premium high CBD hemp genetics using modern agricultural science and techniques coupled with traditional and re-purposed equipment.

GenCanna is leading the industry in innovations such as the reduction of water usage, energy inputs and enables maximum soil health and rejuvenation for sustainability as result of applied biologicals, nutrients and balanced environmental controls.

To virtually eliminate mold and other pathogens, post harvest, and to lock in GenCanna’s unique farm-to-table freshness, GenCanna developed a proprietary FreshLock Drying™ technology known as “Big Blue.”

Big Blue can can dry and vacuum seal freshly harvested hemp in about 3 minutes to uniquely preserve the farm to table fresh nutrients in GenCanna’s products.


Proprietary Genetics

Family Farmed

Extracted in

Food Grade Facility

Packaged for Compliance nationally

3rd Party Tested for

Saftey and Quality



In recent years, demand for CBD has skyrocketed and the market is being flooded with imported and poor quality CBD products.

Quality and trust are at the forefront of GenCanna’s mission. As Hippocrates famously said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We take this seriously.

GenCanna has a team of in house scientists, geneticists, and botanists as well as partnerships with Kentucky state universities. Given this, we are leading the industry in innovations such as the Root System Greenhouse™ which reduces water usage and enables maximum soil health as result of applied biologicals and nutrients.

In addition to deploying scientific advancements to the growing process, GenCanna focuses on applying scientific diligence throughout the production process.  This culminates with all GenCanna products being testing by 3rd party laboratories to ensure safety and quality.