Who We Are, What We Do and Where We’re Boldly Headed

Our Start

Since our inception, GenCanna has been at the vanguard of the CBD industry, because our influential founders helped create it. Literally.

Our roots extend back to the earliest days of cannabis legalization and reform. Through one of our founders and chief scientist, Christopher Stubbs, GenCanna would soon gain early attention and national acclaim by advocating for the use of CBD in children suffering from pediatric epilepsy as well as for other applications.

Since the early days of the cannabis industry Chris has been inspired by two enduring passions that remain fervently alive, even today, throughout the GenCanna family: to establish and maintain rigorous quality standards for production, which are validated by independent third parties, and to provide and maintain scalable capabilities for processing quality cannabinoids and CBD-enhanced finished goods. GenCanna remains, and will continue to be, a thought leader and trusted implementer of the necessary component parts that ensure scalable, cost-effective, quality hemp-derived cannabinoids. To what end? To create meaningful, positive impacts on human and animal life. GenCanna was founded on both the vision and excitement that followed those early and impactful days in the cannabis industry — and we remain led by our principal goal of providing premium product at global scale.

Spurred by this early, high-profile momentum, GenCanna would help lead the introduction of Kentucky’s groundbreaking 2014 Hemp Pilot Program. Subsequent regulatory initiatives were also spearheaded that would open the hemp-derived CBD industry to accelerated growth. And where was GenCanna? At the heart of it all, earning the highest industry certifications along the way and, to this day, validating our products as the premium-quality derivatives and differentiated formulations they are.

Our Brand, Our Products

With complete chain of custody over one of today’s most efficient, sustainable and optimized supply chains, GenCanna produces hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids of unrivaled consistency, quality and purity. In fact, nothing leaves our facilities that we wouldn’t trust our own grandchildren and grandparents to ingest, many of whom are some of our most avid and loyal customers! That’s not lip service. It’s an ironclad pledge.

By relentlessly advancing the industry, innovating tirelessly and continually unlocking its potential, GenCanna is recognized as the pioneer producer of the world’s highest quality, regulatory-compliant hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and blends thereof. Today, under new and inspired leadership — and yet still led by those core principles that made this industry even possible — GenCanna is empowered, energized and singularly equipped to take cannabinoids into tomorrow, and beyond.

Driven by equal parts purpose and passion, we’re helping the world realize the advantageous properties of this all-natural botanical known as hemp.

One Mission

To be the industry’s preferred producer of the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids, cannabinoid ingredients and cannabinoid-enhanced formulated goods, delivering best-in-class, differentiated, customized value-added formulations and the highest quality isolate and distillate — while always remaining a source of unquestioned confidence to our customers.