22 03, 2021

Taylor Mammon Acquired by American CBD Pioneer GenCanna

2021-11-15T08:59:10-05:00March 22, 2021|

LONDON, U.K. — March 22, 2021 — Turnkey CBD formulator, private label accelerator, and product distributor Taylor Mammon announced today that the company, established in 2018, was acquired by US-based GenCanna, a leading producer of hemp-derived, THC-free, premium CBD and other cannabinoids. The move culminates the evolution of a successful three-year relationship, in which GenCanna served, and will continue to serve, as Taylor Mammon’s primary source of CBD and other cannabinoids for infusion into brand products.

15 03, 2021

Ferreting Out the Runner’s High With Some Help From the Ferret (And Humans and Dogs, of Course)

2022-01-03T11:34:18-05:00March 15, 2021|

Have you ever experienced a sense of delight during prolonged exercise? This feeling is described as the runner’s high. Scientists have long sought to understand the reasons behind this phenomenon and what utility it may have played throughout our evolutionary history. Previously, the runner’s high was attributed to the production of endorphins, our natural pain killers, during exercise.

11 03, 2021

Water-Soluble or Oil-Based?  That Is The Question.

2021-09-11T15:25:48-04:00March 11, 2021|

Let’s explore why infusing your ingestibles with water-soluble CBD will be the more satisfying choice. Higher bioavailability than oil-based CBD — the difference Is dramatic! Next-generation ingredients like water-soluble CBD “hack” the body’s system, producing a more pronounced effect in a shorter time. Your customer will notice and appreciate the effects of the higher bioavailability that water-soluble cannabinoids produce. This difference is due to the combination of smaller particle size and the changes in chemistry imparted during the emulsification process.

9 03, 2021

Are You Leading Your Company’s Foray Into Cannabinoid Oil Drops Product Offering?

2021-09-11T15:26:36-04:00March 9, 2021|

Appeal to consumers who place a premium on natural ingredients and environmental sustainability. Your customers will want to know that your merchandise selection includes only natural, responsibly-sourced carrier oils, cannabinoids, natural flavors, natural sweeteners, terpenes and botanical enhancements.

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