GenCanna employee cleaning

By now, most of our followers have learned that on the evening of November 7th there was a fire in the refinement branch of our production facility at the Hemp Research Campus in Winchester, Kentucky. Our employees followed our emergency protocols and everyone safely exited the premises. We’re grateful to the first responders of Clark County and the surrounding area for their swift action and dedicated work to contain the incident and keep everyone out of harm's way. We will continue to work closely with the appropriate authorities as they investigate the matter.

Unfortunately, incidents like this happen in our line of work. Our vision to make CBD available and affordable requires quality and stability at scale. This is a new industry and we are learning every day with a focus on constant improvement. That’s why we built out the GenCanna Production Platform™ as an adaptable ecosystem of innovative people and processes supported by operational checks and balances.

We want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers they have sent our way. We are overwhelmed and truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support from our industry partners, colleagues, farmers, community leaders, and neighbors in Clark County, Kentucky, and the world. Thank you for your offers of help. You have demonstrated that we are not just building an industry, we are building a community.

Close allies and competitors alike have reached out — which, for what it is worth, is a pretty incredible sight! As a triple-bottom-line company, our values matter and we’re seeing that across the industry. The notion of purpose over profit is gaining traction despite the obstacles and best evidence is the responses of help we received.

Cannabis is a platform, not just a new product segment. The plant’s broad applicability has started to disrupt economic, public and private life. Similar to the railroad system, personal vehicles leading to the onset of suburban American life, and the internet — cannabis is a platform that is reshaping several aspects of American life. The challenges that individual businesses are facing — from lending and insurance, to genetics and processing — are representative of the growing pains that are part of macroeconomic change.

Clark County and Winchester first responders, supported by state and other agencies saved our facility from complete disrepair. God bless those firefighters. After investigation, no findings were made. Fortunately, the incident occurred in a safe, isolated room. We want to thank everyone that stepped up, including the GenCanna family. We are resilient, and will be back up and running quickly because of the good works of many hands.

GenCanna Meeting

On top of the tremendous workload required to move these initiatives forward, we unfortunately expend precious energy navigating the sewers of gossip and misinformation. While others are sending offers of help and good vibes, some are up-selling themselves and trying to take customers at our expense. Fortunately, the industry doesn’t reward those values. This is clearly evidenced by reputation and customer response. We will not be deterred by heavy misaligned criticism from the ‘hemp casuals’, biased and lazy media outlets, pseudo-journalists and simply bad actors — rather, we are reinvigorated in our commitment to operating in this industry the right way, every day. We especially appreciate our customers’ support in highlighting why they choose GenCanna. 

As we move into 2020, action will come faster than ever. With the largest harvest of our company's history, our future is bright. GenCanna isn't just the name of our company; it's a collection of people. It's our families, friends, communities, and our collective actions. We are proud of what we do and what we stand for. We are leading the world in hemp from Kentucky starting with our genetics, collaborating closely with our farming partners all the way through the value chain to our customers. Our mission is to bring Kentucky hemp products worldwide and nothing will stop the success of this mission. 

In 2015, with 100 acres planted and days before harvest, the building we called “G2” literally “sunk” into disrepair. Within a week or so, with help of the community including local contractors whom we still use today, we were able to repair the building. Our drying system in G2 was put into place on top of new concrete and foundation, and harvest was successful! We are battle tested.

We’re proud of our team like never before. People that know GenCanna realize that there's something different and special going on here — that’s why they want to be a part of it. It has to do with our mission, people, values and all our wonderful partners. From the government and elected officials down to the farmers: Kentucky is doing it right. The goal was to build a reliable sustainable supply of cannabinoids to help people worldwide; now we have a vertical company based in Kentucky with a national and global network that's getting stronger daily.

The sky’s the limit when good people come together to support something greater than themselves. This is not only true for GenCanna but all the companies pioneering this industry in service of a greater good. We should all be thankful to those that fight our most important battles. From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and everyone of you. God bless you all.