Crop field and barn

At GenCanna, we live our values every day as a true triple-bottom-line company. Our goal from the outset has been to support, educate and enable American family farmers to grow hemp, while creating real economic impact in rural agricultural communities in the process. This season, the GenCanna Certified Farming Network spanned 60+ family farming partners with 30 million+ plants in ground on 6,000+ acres of land. We toil, side by side with our farmers to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of the best quality hemp-derived CBD products in the world.

As a leader in an industry reincarnated from 70+ years of subjugation, we have a responsibility to support those negatively affected by the old system and those seeking a second chance. Addressing a Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing on hemp, GenCanna President Steve Bevan shared this ethos, saying, “It’s very important that people get a second chance, especially those who had previous drug convictions. We’ll get to the point where everyone can participate and where those past injustices perhaps happily get wiped away.”

We believe everyone has a chance to participate in the hemp value chain. And for some who have been negatively impacted by the “War on Drugs” that means a second chance to do what's right. It didn't end with the passage of the Farm Bill, it started there – and our industry needs solutions that can be iterated upon quickly to create real world solutions to these new problems.

We are committed to Kentucky, our employees and the second chances it has taken many of us to get where we are today. We are pleased to announce that GenCanna will assist any current and future employee with the application and legal fees associated with expunging qualified felonies from their records.


We've shown up when called by our elected officials, regulators, law enforcement, and our peers in the industry, to collectively figure out solutions and the best path to move forward. At the end of the day, this is to ensure that our consumers receive high quality, American grown hemp products from a reliable and sustainable source.

GenCanna is an agricultural technology company, and Kentucky is the Silicon Valley of Hemp. From our start in 2014, the goal has been to build a world-class Kentucky farming network, while building the GenCanna Production Platform™  in a model similar to Toyota’s manufacturing ecosystem — one predicated on reaching scale by empowering micro-economies and encouraging rapid innovation and lean, adaptable business principles.

We are focused on supporting our farming partners, which are true small businesses. When we talk about creating economic impact through the hemp value chain, it is by creating hundreds of small business partners, not just jobs to be filled. We will fulfill our mission to unlock the full social and economic value of the hemp platform, and continue to approach our work from a true triple-bottom-line perspective putting people and the environment over our profits by remaining steadfast in our original commitment to farmers.

In this great pursuit of American cannabis agriculture, we remain dedicated to driving future industry innovations, and sharing participation with those negatively impacted during its growth and development.  Legalization of hemp has brought on new challenges that require real-world solutions, creative thinking and public-private collaboration. We work every day to ensure fair and equitable access to participation in this industry’s future.