Do You Know Where Your CBD Comes From?

2021-07-08T21:43:22-04:00August 30, 2019|

We built GenCanna to provide a consistent, scalable, sustainable supply of premium CBD. Quality and safety have been the bedrock of our company since the outset. We built the GenCanna Production Platform™ (GPP) because of our stubborn focus on manufacturing high quality cannabis at true global scale. We have growing concern over the current CBD isolate market. We have come to learn that there are many fraudulent brokers and re-sellers of CBD isolate misrepresenting their product as GenCanna isolate. We certainly are concerned about the commercial implications of bad actors hurting our brand and bottom-line. But, this is not our primary concern. Our primary concern is for consumers. Our significant investment in quality starts with an understanding that if you are not producing CBD isolate at the international food safety standards that mature food and nutraceutical companies currently meet, then [...]