Thank You, Farmers

farmer in hemp field

Today the internet celebrates ‘National CBD Day’. Brands and CBD salespeople from Twitter to Twitch are jumping on the viral wave and hashtagging their way to 20% discounts, BoGo deals, and transactional promo opportunities. The popularity of this new product and its current regulatory uncertainty is tailor-made for the quick and reactionary social media ecosystem, and brands are leveraging the moment to sell.

As a vertically-integrated producer and manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD products, we support positive public discourse and education about hemp and cannabinoids. However, despite the intentions, the focus is at times misplaced. Rather than only celebrate ‘National CBD Day’, we need to also celebrate ‘National Farmers Day’. Without farmers, there are no high-CBD hemp plants, and there are no CBD products.

“This industry has been built off of CBD being introduced to the world and folks getting excited by its potential – which then turns into a lot of folks getting excited about standing up a CBD brand and making a bunch of money. But without farmers, there is no CBD industry. If you read the Farm Bill it is very clear — this is happening because it is helping American farmers farm. Hemp is revitalizing rural economies, just as we have done here in Kentucky, and we need to keep that at the heart and soul of what we are doing. Because unlike other industries that have built themselves off the back of America’s farmers and then forgotten them, we need to attach America’s farmers to the end products they have enabled so they can take part in the upside as well.“

Alex Green, Chief Strategy Officer, GenCanna

While this may seem overly critical, we are steadfast in our commitment to build a sustainable industry by putting farmers first. The value of CBD is more than brand products — hemp and its derived products are an evolution of American agriculture. As the industry grows, GenCanna remains dedicated to linking the farmers directly to the finished products, so they can truly benefit from the renewed agricultural economy. This thought drives our mission: to help farmers farm and create real jobs and economic impact in rural agricultural communities.

“I’m grateful to all of the hardworking people that have brought us to this point, starting with our family farming partners. It is our understanding that this new crop is providing a bounty that hasn’t been seen for a while. I think it is great that CBD (cannabidiol) can be brought up from farms so that people can have better health and wellness products. It is very important that we’re able to tie our finished goods and products all the way back to our family farmers. And that’s what I’d like to recognize today, all the farmers who have taken up the challenge of this new crop — thank you all.”

Steve Bevan, President, GenCanna

As we scroll through Instagram and click through emails about flash sales today, we should take a moment to acknowledge and honor America’s family farmers who are growing these hemp plants. Real CBD is not synthetic, it is grown by real hands.

“Make no mistake about it: manufacturers that source their CBD internationally or extract biomass without any understanding of how it was grown may experience short term economic upside, but are not acting in the spirit of the Farm Bill, or at the interest of the American consumer. We built GenCanna for the social, economic and environmental good of our families and those around us. And we appreciate American farmers everywhere who made our dream happen and thus National CBD Day possible!

Matty Mangone-Miranda, CEO, GenCanna

So on National CBD Day, thank you to all of America’s farmers, without you none of this would be possible.