Just outside of Lexington Kentucky, the Hemp Research Campus (HRC) is home to GenCanna Global, Inc., the industry leader in hemp growing, processing and manufacturing. As foundational members of Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, GenCanna is uniquely positioned as a thought leader through its commitment to compliance, sustainable farming practices and legislation.

It is GenCanna’s mission to deliver the highest quality hemp-derived products and continue to lead as a socially responsible Kentucky based company — while being accessible as a leading resource to educate the public. A food product, hemp is misunderstood and we believe there is a great duty for GenCanna to be the trusted brand and educational resource in the industry.

In January, GenCanna welcomed the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture and fellows from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership for a day of fellowship and education at the HRC. The visit showcased the people and facilities that serve as the core of the GenCanna Production Platform™, and allowed the fellows to learn about industrial hemp and hemp-derived products first hand. As the industry continues to grow, GenCanna will continue to drive innovation from this foundation of education and excellence in Kentucky.

“Our Hemp Research Campus is a product of industry pioneers and generations of agricultural experience, making it a valuable educational resource to the hemp industry,” said GenCanna CEO Matty Mangone-Miranda, “From seed to sale, GenCanna is proud to work closely with local family farmers to deliver industry-leading products built upon quality and compliance. It has been our mission to share our vision and expertise to foster an environment of education, communication, and collaboration. GenCanna looks forward to many more opportunities like this as we continue to innovate and educate in the world of hemp agriculture and hemp-derived products from our home and flagship here in Kentucky.”

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